Best Wishes for The Season.

Hello All! Christmas Greetings to you! Best Wishes for the season, and hope for a better future and New Year. The photo is of an old card I have had for over 20 years now, and was obtained from a shed clearance I did to salvage tools and a few bits and bobs from a client called Millie. Her late husband was Horace Hunt, whose name features in this Home Guard Christmas Card. I thought it was about time I shared it, there will be more about Horace and Millie soon. Best Wishes and Cheers! Andy.

Horace’s Home Guard Christmas Card.

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Not this weekend! Sorry!

As many will know, whilst our Bibury Antiques Fair is closed for the winter, we have attended a regular fair near Banbury, organised by colleagues, (, for the last few years, in November and March. Not this November though! However, here are a few photo’s of some stock I would have taken, so just shout and make an offer, if there’s anything here that catches your eye! We may be able to agree on a price, and as the saying goes, “If you don’t ask, you won’t find out!”. Please be polite though, it helps me look kinder on offers! Other than that, here’s some items, some finished for sale, others just waiting for a nudge and an offer so they can be finished, the Rosewood Bookcase is such an example, something I started thinking it was a lovely item, but I’m looking for someone who agrees with me, and likewise the Billiard Table, or Longcase Clock, Windsor Chair! Some of these may well be on my “Stock for sale page”. Have a look if time permits! Cheers folks!

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Painted Estate Desk

Here I have a painted Estate Desk. Please see the photos, it’s roughly 77cm, by 57cm, by 25cm. The lock works with the key shown in the photo. The newspaper cuttings are interesting, and whether they bear any relevance to the location is a mystery to me. Please ask for viewing, or more information. The asking price is £245. My best contact number is 07977 936 882, or email me on

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See you Sunday 6th September!

Hello all. I’d just like to confirm we will be on show on Sunday 6th September! We open at 10am and close at 4pm. A new one way system will be in place, and just to entice you there, here are a few photographs from last year! All the best. Andy.

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We are returning!

It’s with a lot of pleasure that I am writing this to confirm we have been given permission to re-start our Antiques Fair in Bibury. We return on Sunday 6th September, and hope to see you there! More news will be shared as the plan unveils, but I just wanted to shout, “Best Wishes and See You Soon, Cheers”. These glasses would help, if they were full! Andy.

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Looking Glass

Hello again! Well, what a year so far? I had an interesting call today for someone thinking I owned a shop in Bibury (sadly not me!), and was worried they couldn’t reach me before I closed to pay me and buy something! I hope they sorted that one out, but although the shop is for sale, it’s not mine to sell! Like many people, it’s been a complex year, and as I came down the stairs the other day, I decided that I should photo a barometer in a slightly different way, just as the light caught my image, and so here it is, hope you approve! Sadly we are not much further forward with confidence for the future of many indoor fairs and markets. Yes there are a few running, it seems to depend on the venue owners, or which County they are in, but I am not certain of the future, but we can wait and see, maybe the longer we don’t have fairs for, may mean that more stock gets sorted to come out on show when we do open the doors. Don’t forget in the meantime we have a few items on sale at go to the website and then search for Bibury Antiques Fair, happy browsing! All the best, see you soon! Andy.

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Stock pricing, and honey cake!

Hello again! It really does seem odd, as so far this year there hasn’t been one of events in Bibury yet, and despite discussing the possibilities, we haven’t a date yet. So, tonight, I decided to photograph a set of glasses for sale, and as I was doing so, thought it rude not to try one of them out, and here I have a small piece of honey-cake to compliment the dram. This isn’t how many Monday evenings are at all! May I wish everyone a good day, or evening, wherever you are, and I am off to list these on our virtual fair, they can be seen at Thank you for looking. Andy.

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Wait for it! Not yet, sorry folks!

Hello all.

Current Government advice is that Village Halls in Gloucestershire, and most likely elsewhere, should remain closed.

We cannot return our event to Bibury yet, and we will have to wait.

Please follow the link for Gloucestershire County Council advice.

Regards, Andy

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Strange Times Indeed!

Hello again! Here we are, another month when we should be having another event, we are quietly waiting. Meanwhile our virtual fair continues at Have a look around and make an offer on something and I’ll put you in contact with the dealer. Hopefully there will be some good news to share with you all before too long, but no timescale yet, sorry! Here are a few photographs from some of our previous events. All the best in the meantime, Andy.

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Pinch, Punch, First of The Month and No Return!

Hello again all! Do you remember saying that? Maybe you still do. I have just realised, that for those who don’t know, “No Return” meant they shouldn’t hit you back! One day we will return to Bibury for our Antiques Fair. Well, for those who are following our Virtual Fair, it’s still rolling on so have a look and see what else has been added since we started. It may be a while until we return, as there are complications in public buildings, and although we can easily do a one way system, we need to wait a little to see how bigger events cope, and maybe we can learn from them, although we are a small venue! This was a stall from one of our dealers a while ago, but it shows we sell a good mix! Please stay in touch, and I look forward to writing more soon! Although it’s a hobby I haven’t done for a while, colleagues of mine are re-opening their business, have a look at and see if you’d like a go, it can be fun! Regards, Andy.

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