Help from “Cat Corner”!

Hello all. Yes, only 7 more Sundays to go before we will be on show at Bibury Village Hall! (April 7th, 2019).

Here’s our every helpful cat hiding my diary, whilst I am trying to ensure all is in place for our first fair of the year. A quickly snapped photo of Shadow re-homed through Sunshine Cat Rescue of Witney.

Maybe see you in Bibury? Regards, Andy.


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Sweet Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day Folks!

Some of you may not know that St. Valentine is one of Beekeepings patron Saints, there are several!

St. Ambrose, St. Benedict, St. Gregory, St. Bartolomew, St. Gobnait, St. Kharlamii, St. Dominic also called St. Modomnoc,  and St Valentine. There are undoubtably others!

So whilst the bees around the country are stirring, responding signs that the weather is getting warmer, the days longer, so too are some of our dealers for Bibury Antiques Fair getting ready for our first event of the year on April 7th. See you there perhaps? Other antiques fairs are available, more news soon!

Regards, Andy.


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“Book Up!”

Hello Folks!

Just thought I’d slip a quick post in today, and remind people that the Bibury Antiques Fair returns on April 7th 2019.

I’m looking forward to getting back to the Village Hall and having an enjoyable day with people, and to get a few more places into the visitors book. 

Meanwhile if anyone wants to learn about Gillows Furniture from Lancaster, my home City, then here is a set of good modern reference books, which are for sale shout if you are interested, as they are a keen price and these are for sale, at around half their official listing price!

Have a good weekend, won’t be long and I hope the sledge runners get polished if anyone happens to be near snow and have a sledge!

All the best for now, Andy.


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Afternoon Tea or Morning Coffee?

Hello again.

This year has started slowly on here, as we don’t have a fair in Bibury until 7th April. However there’s a small table just come in for sale, straight from the client, and I wanted to show you. A small Sutherland Table, perfect for afternoon tea or morning coffee, measuring 61cm high, and when open, 77cm by 60cm, closed it’s only 16cm wide, so sits neatly out of the way! Great colour, here it is!

Please let me know if you are interested as it’s quite a keen price! Regards, Andy.

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Bibury to Banbury?

Wow, what does this mean?

No, our fair isn’t moving to Banbury, but I am very proud to say that Sof and Charlotte from Antique Modern Mix in Parsons Street, Banbury have accepted an item of my stock for display for a few months. If this is liked by visitors, they may well accept a few more bits and bobs, here’s hoping!

I went to North Oxfordshire Technical College for a year in the mid 1980’s and as such Banbury was great place for me and still has so many happy time memories, my first “Home from Home!”

So, if anyone likes Oak Longcase Clocks, (this has been at the bottom of my stairs for a couple of years, so I’m going to have to add another there now or I won’t sleep!), here is an appealing Oak case 30 hour movement with great strike and a solid tick tock sound from the pleasantly resounding case. Made by George Jackson in the last quarter of the 18th Century, according to some reference books, 1784 was the  approximate date, but I’m sure a picture is better than my witterings, so here is the clock……….in-situ, in Banbury! Have a look at the website of their shop, it’s

Happy browsing!banbury shop clock

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Wassail! Wassail! Wassail!

Hello All!

I was treated to a fantastic gift at the end of last year, a bottle of “Ice Cider”. I had read about it before, but never tried it, in fact, I’m pretty certain I had never seen it before, despite looking! 

Wassail seems to me to vary from late December to early Feb, but I thought it was suitably cold tonight, and the moon looked so good earlier, being a lovely thin crescent, I had to have a little taste again!

Here it is in a glass, although modern, (1987!) and yes I have photographed it before, its a glass to commemorate 100 years of cider-making by Bulmers, I know they are a mass producer, but the glass is fab! Not many of these were made, and I bought this some time ago, I particularly like the way the pop works its way right down to the bottom of the glass at a very slender part. Who says business and pleasure don’t mix, I’m reading about wassail bowls and drinking! Guess I need to go and enjoy this now, so my friends, Wassail to all of you! Here’s an old Wassail chant……

Apple tree, apple tree, we all come to wassail thee,
Bear this year and next year to bloom and to blow,
Hat fulls, cap fulls, three cornered sack fills,
Hip, Hip, Hip, hurrah,
Holler boys, holler hurrah.

All the very best! Andy.

wassail 2019


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Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year folks!

Here is a little photo of a New Years Day bus trip, as seen in Winchester, hope you like it, it seems they also run vintage bus trips on other Bank Holidays too. Maybe I’ll have time to enjoy one soon.

Please follow the link to find out more about them…….

Our Bibury Antiques Fair doesn’t have an event until April, so I hope to see you then! Think it may be a while before we can offer a free bus service to our fair, sorry folks!

Regards, Andy.

New Years Day bus trip from Winchester.
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