Andy’s Clearance Corner!

Autumn 2019

This page is a catalogue of unrestored stock, and should you wish, could be your next project, or I will restore for you. Maybe you have something in your house, barn or shed which you would like help with, please ask and I’ll try to oblige!

Restoration work on items is often carried out at your own home, so saving on removal costs, time and energy!

Here’s my offerings!

Folding Bagatelle Game.

Here’s a fun thing! Approximately 8′ long when open, and 2′ wide, folding to 5″ thick when shut and held by the two hook and eyes at one end. This is an item which obviously needs a little tidy, but either it can be bought as it is, or I can do the tidying! Lets have a chat about it and see what we can sort out, would be fun to see it looking good again!bagatelle-open-1

bagatelle-hook-2 bagatelle-cups-1

Elm and Oak Corner Cabinet.

The item undergoing a little restoration, basically tidying up, and replacing the modern plywood bottom, with old timber from an Elm Coffer, of about the same period.

Here are a few photographs, hope you like them. 

Here it is as I got it, and now there has been some work on it. Please ask should you wish to see this item, as it is rather nice, and although had a replacement base, is mostly original. The interior paint shows that it was a piece used for display with the doors open as well as closed.


Georgian Mahogany Bureau

Here is a fabulous mahogany bureau, of the weight I have never felt in a bureau before. The design is slightly different to many, as there are no lopers to hold the fall in place when open, this being done by two smaller drawers flanking a central one above three lower drawers. The columns on the front corners are interesting, often noted on later furniture as being a more north western manufacture. The interior being of quality too, and in my mind isn’t too busy or fussy to still be useful.

This is for sale and could be viewed by contacting me. I hope you like it as much as I have enjoyed working on it, just tidying up the timber and handles, cutting keys as needed and cleaning the fluff from the locks to get them working again!

Let me know if you think it was worth it! Oh, and yes, it’s for sale, so ask for further information, delivery costs right to your office! Price may include delivery, a cup of tea and a few biscuits, depending how many stairs involved!