Heard this before?

Hello again everyone!

Summer, and what incredible weather!

As it’s summer, and one Swallow doesn’t make a summer, sadly there are fewer of them every year where I live.

Something else which I haven’t heard for a log time is a Corncrake.

Here is a wooden “Corncrake Call”. Most likely Victorian, but may be earlier, could well be made from Birch or Aspen, or similar woods. Measuring around 3 1/2″ long, easily held in a single hand and used. I have had this a few years now and all I have managed to call to are Magpies and Jays!

Do you think I’m right, or is it a Magpie Call? Pinto mentions them in his books, but that still doesn’t help me see a real Corncrake! Maybe this year?

We will be on show at Bibury Antiques Fair on July 2nd. See you there?

Regards, Andy.

Corncrake Call 2

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Fine Pine!

Hello again!

Well, a busy week ahead, for me and I thought I’d share this with you.

A side table with drawer. Would be great for a hallway, or extra side table around the house, even used as a desk for studying perhaps!

Most likely originally painted, as the legs are beech, and the rest is pine. Having been recently waxed, looking good now.

Here it is. All the best, Andy.


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Flaming June!

Aha! When I was a child months used to have slogans or something that described the month, such as “IN LIKE A LION, OUT LIKE A LAMB”.

Flaming June was hot, so it seems like a long tome ago since I took this photo, last Sunday, but after 2 days of rain, no beekeeping and half a vehicle still loaded here is the view as I left Bibury Sunday evening!

Hope you approve.

Thanks, Andy.


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Just In!

Here is a limited edition print is by David Azuz, from 1965. Not really an antique, but qualifies as collectable and vintage.

Here it is, hope you like it!

Regards, Andy.


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Bibury Birds!

Hello again. I thought I may be able to show you something which will be at the fair on Sunday 4th June, so here it is.

An embroidered panel, of birds, hope you like it, I think it’s lovely, so hope it finds a nice home to fly away to!

See you soon, Andy.



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Breakfast Tea? English or China?

Morning Folks!

Bit late for breakfast tea for many, but I thought some people would like to see a small Caddy which will be on show on Sunday in Bibury, so here it is!

We open at 10am and close at 4pm, and after packing up, may well feel like sitting by the river in the shade for a while and watching for a kingfisher.

See you there?

Regards, Andy.


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Return the Marbles to Bibury!

Well, not a secret hoard of ancient ruins, but with some summer weather, maybe playing marbles in the sun could be a pleasant pastime! These were spotted at the last event, so they may still be available.

Pop along on Sunday to find out, could be the addition of a world championship event in the offing, no, not for me to organise, but I’d probably come and watch.

Have a good evening.

Regards, Andy



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