Curling for Bibury!

Wow, with all the Olympic excitement about Curling, and I must admit, I do fancy having a go, it somehow is, I think, slowly exciting, addictive perhaps, and a mixture of lots, the target and actions a cross between archery, bowls, and more, or is that just how I see it?

Well, here is a miniature curling stone, which once held a wee dram, sadly been empty for a long time, but I guess it could be refilled! Call in and see us at Bibury Village Hall on March 4th to see if it’s still for sale!

Sliante Mhath!, Andy.Curling Stone

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Back to School

Well, I gather school is back to normal, and as the Bibury Antiques Fair becomes closer, I thought this vintage folding desk was appropriate to be featured on the page.

What a handy item, being able to be folded reasonably flat, whilst being very sturdy in use, it could be just what you have been looking for? Maybe see you soon?

Regards, Andy.


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Flip, Flip, Hooray!

Shrove Tuesday it is then, or more popularly known as Pancake Day!

Here is a fabulous skillet which I do use on top of this stove or on an outside fire, perhps not in this weather!

Hope your day goes well, stay dry and keep out of the wind.

Regards, Andy.



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Pleased to be seated!

Here, and on show  at the next Bibury Antiques Fair is an Oxfords Windsor Armchair made by Stephen Hazell and stamped on the rear of the seat as is often the case.

This has been thoroughly tidied, waxed and buffed and really shows the colour of the timber so well. Try it for size, very comfortable, all it needs is a table next to it with a glass of pop and a piece of cheese and cake!

Hope you like it, have a look on the “Furniture For Sale” link, there will be more  photographs and information there.

Have a good weekend!

Regards, Andy.




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One month to go!

Hello again!

Well, Bibury Antiques Fair opens on March 4th, and so this time next month, I’ll be emptying my car and sorting out all the bits of paper and blankets etc!

Pop into see us and see how many chairs are there, here is one which may well be, hope you like it. I’ll try to have  a nice small table to compliment it too!

Bye for now and have a good week!

Regards, Andy.



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Getting to grips with things!


As we get nearer to the first Bibury Antiques Fair of 2018, I thought I’d tell you that I have been working on a nice chest of drawers which will be there for sale on March 4th, amongst other projects too.

We open at 10am and close at 4pm, if like last year I hope the event can be enjoyed by both visitors to the area, and locals alike. Although a small event, we do have some lovely stock lined up for everyone to enjoy and buy!

As I was polishing these handles and drawers, I thought I was “getting to grips with things!”

See you there perhaps?

Regards, Andy.



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Opening Soon!

Hello again!

It won’t be long before Bibury Antiques Fair returns to being open on the first Sunday of the month, from March 4th, to, and including  November 4th.

Whilst the fair has been closed, I have been busy doing restoration on furniture, and one of the items which will be ready for show in March is this, a Georgian mahogany card table, shown here after a light improvement with some more work needed, a few small areas of veneers etc. This will look great in many houses, even if it never sees a life of card playing.

Should you be interested in this, don’t hesitate to ask me for details, delivery can be arranged too!

See you soon?

Regards, Andy.


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