Furniture For Sale

Here is a list of current stock ready, or almost ready, for sale.

Other items are in stock but require work, but if interested, will be sold unrestored!

Please ask for details, sizes, condition report, or make an offer, call on 07977 936 882 for details and to arrange viewing, Thanks!

Regency Beech Painted and Decorated Armchair. (Sold).

Here I have a potentially fabulous armchair. Regency, and painted with delicate decoration. I can tidy this if required, or one can sort their own repairs, either way a great chair will be got.

Here are a few photographs, I’ll add more soon! These were taken on September 3rd as I was making a shepherds pie, who says boys can’t multi-task! Ask if you need it re-caning as I know someone who does that. My mobile is 07977 936 882. Thanks, Andy.


Victorian Scottish Gypsy Table. (Sold).

This oak “Gypsy Table” was made in Coldstream, on the north bank of the river Tweed, so just in Scotland, by Robert Bennett.

The top made form oak, I must look at the legs again as they may be elm, or ash indeed if they aren’t oak! (Just thinking out loud!). The sizes are 645mm high, 620mm long and 615mm wide. (Age usually makes the width a different size due to shrinkage even if exactly square when made.) Here it is, hope you like it, the asking price is £185 and it’s first day out will be at Bibury Antiques Fair on September 2nd if not sold before perhaps?!



Georgian Mahogany Corner Table.

This corner table, with storage under the main flap is of good colour and grain. The storage is lockable as there is a key with the working lock, I just forgot to photograph it today!

Old repairs enhance the charm of this item and it can be viewed by calling me on 07977 936 882. Offers invited, but the ticket price is £850. Careful when making offers, they may be accepted! The height is 708mm, the top when open forms a square of 630mm.




Mahogany Card Table. (Now sold!)

Georgian mahogany, pictures sum it up really, please ask for further info, good recently tidied condition, asking price £350, but as ever offers are encouraged as I’m trying to tidy my workshop! Sizes are 765mm long by 380mm deep when closed, (so double when open), and 725mm tall.

Play your cards right and this could be yours after a game and a shared glass of pop!


Oxford Windsor Armchair by Stephen Hazell.

Nineteenth Century armchair signed S. Hazell. Recently tidied by myself, and I hope that you agree the colour for this chair is very attractive. Here the photographs show better than my words! Please ask for a viewing on this any any of my items, thanks. Asking price £255. Offers invited, as always!



Georgian Mahogany Card Table.

Shown here undergoing a little tidy! Call for details, or try an offer! Hoping to have it ready for March events! Yes it’s done now! Retains the cloth interior, but the overall finish is pretty good I think, here it is…… offers invited, the asking price is £950. Viewing recommended.







Georgian Mahogany Chest of Drawers.


Now ready is this fine Georgian Mahogany Chest of Drawers, having four full width drawers of  graduated depths. The panel back and underneath are real treats to see from a cabinetmakers point of view as it shows a sign of good quality. Remedial waxing has been done on one end, and the original locks refitted, as I did remove them as I aim to refit them with an attractive working key if possible, but it does appear they haven’t been working for some time.

Hope you like it, the measurements are 1000mm wide, 483mm deep, and 737mm high. Price, well, could well go to the trade, but my asking price is £1250, but as always offers are invited for this. Restorers are used to being haggled with, and I’m trying to clear some space in my workshop, so just make an offer and see, we could both win perhaps!



Early Georgian Walnut Chair.


Here is a fine walnut chair, just taken the photo in the dappled light, and it makes the Walnut so fabulous a colour. I do have a second one of these, but it really does need significant repair, it’s been on my to do list for ages, but this one is ready to go! Still an attractive but delicate chair, I use it every day, but gently, it’s older than many! Offers around £300 please.

Hope you like it!



Oak Arched Door Cabinet with Drawer.


Here I have an oak cabinet with drawer above two doors forming an arch. The interior having a single shelf, with unusual cut outs on one side, perhaps for bootjacks or wine bottles? There are lovely old keys for the door and drawer locks. This had it’s first day out and although liked by many people, I still have it, so offers are invited.

The measurements are (approximately!).

Height: 895mm (35 1/2″) Width: 657mm (25 13/16″) Depth: 360mm (14 1/4″). Offers around £600 please!






Oak Longcase Clock.

Here is a square brass dial clock, signed “Geo Jackson, Gainsboro”. Will be on show on Sunday October 1st, despite not being totally finished.

Good colour and patina, some remedial replacements needed on the hood where the mouldings have been over dusted, and broken the wooden teeth! The lower later additional moulding been on a while, but would benefit from some improving, seems over engineered to me!

Cutting a key for the trunk door this week, and here is the dial, just before I add it to the clock case for regulating.



This is the clock, just waiting  for a few remedial improvements to the case. A few small areas on the case and hood need attention, but it’s available now, just ask and I hope to add better photos later today! Its got a good solid tock and a great bell sound too. Offers around £650 please!

Mahogany Bureau. (Sold, but others in stock in Mahogany, Oak, Walnut, please ask for details).


This bureau needs another wax and a buff up, and the baize here is an old one, so may benefit with a replaced nicer leather, of a colour of your choice. A sweet little item.

Pine Side Table (This has now found a new home!).

Here is a pine and beech side table, the legs being beech, with long single drawer. Good colour and recently waxed and buffed, so nice colour and patina. 

17 1/2″ deep.


Georgian Mahogany Pie Crust Table.

Currently undergoing restoration, here is a fabulous table, being of delicious colour, here is the base, photographs taken early June, this is something which I am enjoying doing and can be viewed at any time, I am hoping to have it finished for the mid autumn, as there are more important things to do at the moment. The finish being built up is just layers of wax, this item was very dark when I got it, and no grain could be seen on most of the base, but I will not be using any shellac on the base whatsoever, and the wood is starting to show its fabulous colour. When I start the top, I shall photograph that too!




Georgian Oak Longcase Clock. (SOLD!)

The dial signed by David Rogers of Saffron Walden. Eight day movement, and yes, I forgot to pop the finials on, they are oak acorns on the outside, and a simple turning on the centre.

Height and more photos to follow!

This clock has been sold. Another Oak Longcase will be on show here soon, square brass dial, “Geo Jackson of Gainsboro”.

David Rogers 1


Mahogany Banjo Barometer.

According to one antiques magazine I have just read, I am underselling this as it should be at least £500! But! It’s here for less than half of that! Yes £235 will bag this, how’s that for high pressure selling! Oh yes, and I have more barometers too, please ask as they undergoing work. I even have one with the name tag “Mafia!”


Ash & Elm Windsor Armchair. Offers around £185 please.

Often referred to as being a “Ladies Chair” as being of slight proportions, it’s a very comfy chair. Having several old repairs always adds to the character of Windsor chairs, this is also of good colour, and very sturdy. Could be in your kitchen for around £185, and it looks better now I’ve waxed it and lots of elbow grease applied!


Georgian Mahogany Pedestal Table. (Sold).

Sold at Bibury Antiques Fair, April 2nd, I have a smaller one which is coming to the fair on September 3rd, and it’s a lighter colour, but yet again with a birdcage.

 Thank you for looking.


Edwardian Walnut Sofa. (Now found a new home for the summer outdoor season!)

Edwardian Upholstered sofa, very comfy and I can’t believe how difficult this was to set free to it’s new home!

At around 5′ 6″ long, more accurate sizes to follow, but would look good on a landing or anywhere really!

Edwardian Sofa

Oak Pedestal Table. (Sold now, but, I have a paler one just being tidied up!).

This oak pedestal table has a fixed top and has never had a tilting mechanism. It went to a shop in Ireland!

The top is approximately 20″ in diameter, and as with many old round tops, the  cross grain has shrunk a little, as would be expected. The height is just over 27 1/4″ from memory. This has now sold and gone to Ireland. I have a sweet one coming soon, just being fettled in the workshop, a lovely light colour, fruitwood, think it’s cherry!




Mahogany Bureau.

A real weighty piece, and researching through some old books the other day I saw a bureau bookcase with a similar lower section to this and was described as being “In the style of William Kent”. If only someone else saw that in this!


height 1035mm, width 1055mm, and depth 530mm.



Mahogany Longcase Clock. Offers around £650 please.

Made in Dublin, around 1863, the makers had premises there. Haiz & Isele.

Wooden movement in the Black Forest style, in a local case.


Gilt Mirror, Triple Framed.

Here is a triple framed gilt mirror, 53″ by 28″ and it will be going to Bibury on May 7th, interested, pop by and make an offer, I would like to get £250 for it, and yes, I have re-glued the missing moulding back on it, just noticed it in the picture!