Furniture For Sale

Here is a list of current stock ready, or almost ready, for sale.

Other items are in stock but require work, but if interested, will be sold unrestored!

Please ask for details, sizes, condition report, or make an offer, this is a new page, so not all sizes or prices are shown yet, call on 07977 936 882 for details and to arrange viewing, Thanks!

Pine Side Table

Here is a pine and beech side table, the legs being beech, with long single drawer. Good colour and recently waxed and buffed, so nice colour and patina. £120

17 1/2″ deep.


Georgian Mahogany Pie Crust Table.

Currently undergoing restoration, here is a fabulous table, being of delicious colour, here is the base, photographs taken early June, this is something which I am enjoying doing and can be viewed at any time, I am hoping to have it finished for the mid autumn, as there are more important things to do at the moment. The finish being built up is just layers of wax, this item was very dark when I got it, and no grain could be seen on most of the base, but I will not be using any shellac on the base whatsoever, and the wood is starting to show its fabulous colour. When I start the top, I shall photograph that too!


Georgian Oak Longcase Clock.

The dial signed by David Rogers of Saffron Walden. Eight day movement, and yes, I forgot to pop the finials on, they are oak acorns on the outside, and a simple turning on the centre.

Height and more photos to follow!

This clock has been reserved, and is now being checked over prior to delivery.

David Rogers 1


Mahogany Banjo Barometer.

According to one antiques magazine I have just read, I am underselling this as it should be at least £500! But! It’s here for less than half of that! Yes £235 will bag this, how’s that for high pressure selling! Oh yes, and I have more barometers too, please ask as they undergoing work. I even have one with the name tag “Mafia!”


Ash & Elm Windsor Armchair.

Often referred to as being a “Ladies Chair” as being of slight proportions, it’s a very comfy chair. Having several old repairs always adds to the character of Windsor chairs, this is also of good colour, and very sturdy. Could be in your kitchen for around £185, and it looks better now I’ve waxed it and lots of elbow grease applied!


Georgian Mahogany Pedestal Table.

Sold at Bibury Antiques Fair, April 2nd, I have a smaller one which is coming to the fair on September 3rd, and it’s a lighter colour, but yet again with a birdcage.

 Thank you for looking.


Edwardian Walnut Sofa.

Edwardian Upholstered sofa, very comfy and at around £500, I can’t believe that’s an unfair price is it?

At around 5′ 6″ long, more accurate sizes to follow, but would look good on a landing or anywhere really!

Edwardian Sofa

Oak Pedestal Table.

This oak pedestal table has a fixed top and has never had a tilting mechanism.

The top is approximately 20″ in diameter, and as with many old round tops, the  cross grain has shrunk a little, as would be expected. The height is just over 27 1/4″ from memory. This has gone on sale or return loan recently.


Mahogany Bureau.

Not quite finished yet, needs the handles sorting, as they were removed for polishing, key has been cut for the drawer locks, and interior lock, the fall lock is in progress of being done. The interior needs a replacement leather, and the fall replacing, it’s easier to remove when working on these pieces as it gets in the way, but the small oval escutcheons were left on as they caused me little worry, although not original, they have been there for a while by the looks of things.

This photo is showing a lot of work completed, and gives an idea of just how fab this will be when complete, the removal of the fall allows looking inside as well as enjoying the drawers in the same photo. I have chosen a pale leather for this, as I thought a dark one would be insufficient contrast, what colour would you put on? This is most likely the heaviest bureau I have ever owned, would be nice if I could sell it by the pound!



Mahogany Longcase Clock.

Made in Dublin, around 1863, the makers had premises there. Haiz & Isele.

Wooden movement in the Black Forest style, in a local case.


Gilt Mirror, Triple Framed.

Here is a triple framed gilt mirror, 53″ by 28″ and it will be going to Bibury on May 7th, interested, pop by and make an offer, I would like to get £250 for it, and yes, I have re-glued the missing moulding back on it, just noticed it in the picture!