Furniture For Sale

Here is a list of current stock ready, or almost ready, for sale, some items are sold but show examples of my restoration.

Other items are in stock but require work, but if interested, will be sold unrestored! These include, Windsor Chairs, Bureaux, Bookcases, Barometers, Longcase Clocks and more. I have a fab Sofa Table from the late C18th by Gillow, and a decentish Mahogany Library Table, both ready for a brief tidy and a new appreciative home. As ever with my stock, it’s as affordable as I can make it, so ask and we can trade! As many people know over the years the general price of furniture has crashed, and as such most items are not commanding the prices they were. Obviously there are exceptions, however this is why I haven’t always listed prices here as I am hoping someone will make an offer I can accept. Compared to dealers who have higher overheads, I should be able to be more cost effective, but clearly will not be able to have the quantity of stock they do. Please email or call to discuss something, as my furniture isn’t expensive, but I believe it’s fabulous value as I’d rather sell items than store them. Here are a few I have photographed. I have some items for sale on either under my own trading name, “Echo Antiques”, or as a joint venture with a few other dealers, we are listed as “Bibury Antiques Fair” Happy viewing! There’s also my sales page which can be found at and all I can add to that is “Happy Hunting!

Vintage “Reynolds of Ludlow” Yew Table and two benches. Offered at a price of £885.

Fabulous Yew table and benches, all of them stamped underneath with the makers mark. A bit of real history for the Vintage Aficionados! Approx 4′ long by 20″ wide, this seats 4 for great friendly suppers. The table has been stripped and oiled over the years, the benches have the original polish, worn in areas as one would expect. One doesn’t see many of these for sale and I’d be pleased if they went to a great home.

Antique Elm Coffer, Offered for sale at a price of £295.

Here, I have an antique Coffer made from Elm. The hinges show wear and tear, and there’s currently no lock on the interior till, or “Candle Box” as it’s often referred to. The colour is quite appealing I think, light and the timber has an interesting grain. I may take this to our next event in June at Bibury Village Hall, so pop in and see if I remember! As with much older furniture, there are often marks, dents, old scratches, splits and other features which represent the age and use of the item. It’s rare to see an Elm tree of any stature in most of England these days, I was lucky, there was an amazing one outside my home as a kid, which one day was cut down due to “Dutch Elm Disease”, just like the “Ash Die Back” or “Sudden Oak Death” as we have heard about in the last few years. So, have a bit of Elm History !

Georgian Oak Cabinet (Formerly the top of an Oak Bureau Bookcase!). For sale at £185.

Georgian Oak Cabinet. Formerly the upper section of a bureau bookcase. Converted to a floor standing cupboard many years ago, (in the Victorian or Edwardian times, I wouldn’t be surprised), I inherited this about 15 years ago, and it was in a colleagues store prior to then for many years.
There are two shelves to go in here, but I forgot to add them during the photos, sorry!
The cabinet is a warm colour, and has been photographed in the sunshine today. Clearly and old item and has had several repairs and scuffs, even alterations. When this was part of a bureau bookcase, it had two candle slides, which are reasonably common, but generally only on higher quality items.
I used this in my workshop as a store and display for small items I was working on or photographing. Since my move in late 2022, I sadly cannot find somewhere for it.
So, it could be yours if you have somewhere which would allow this to fit.
Hope you like it, I do!
More photo’s on request.

Antique Mahogany Library Table. For sale as it is for £85.00

Here is a mahogany Library Table for sale, either restored or as it is. Please ask for details. It has a few knocks and scrapes, but I think this is what is now referred to as “Country House Condition”. Width being 41 1/2″ (105cm), Height being 27 3/4″ (70cm), Depth being 25 1/4″ (64cm). As ever, delivery can be arranged, and yes, I can cut a key and repair the drawer locks should one be required. Sizes are approximate.

A Fruitwood Pedestal Table.

Here’s a lovely fruitwood pedestal table, with a great base and legs. The top being made from several pieces, which is typical for a fruitwood item. I think it’s Apple, but it could easily be pear or plum etc, they are quite difficult to tell apart. The colour is wonderful, although the photo makes it look quite bright being in the sunshine! Hope you like it, it’s for sale, offers around £450 anyone? The top is about 15″ in diameter, and as one would expect, the top is slightly oval due to timber shrinkage across the grain.

Rosewood Bookcase (For sale unrestored).

Shown here is what will be a great Rosewood Bookcase, with a drawer in the upper part, which looks like a frieze. Due to moving home and workshop, I have decided to offer this for sale as it is for £175. I have a piece of white marble to go on top, it needs cutting to size but could look nice on there. I could restore it for you, should you want me to.

The following items have been sold, sorry!

An Oak Victorian Estate Desk.(Now Sold).

An interesting item, often called “Estate Desks” or “Slant Front Desks” these items are vernacular and yet really are the most wonderfully useful items even now, around 180 years since they were made! If you like it and want more information, please email me, or call, my details are on the contact page. I do not take all my stock to the fair! Sorry!

Oak Chest of Drawers. (Recently rehomed).

Here is a lovely old Oak Chest of Drawers, recently overhauled and enhanced, the drawers now run much better and the handles are more like what they would have been originally now. The replacements are old ones, which is why they are not exactly the same. Typical of earlier chests, the central drawer has a fake escutcheon, as it would originally have been opened from underneath by pressing a wooden spring after unlocking and opening the lower drawer, negating a lock for the central drawer. The now broken spring is there, but in these more modern times, it’s just not really a bonus to have it replaced. The chest measures about 78cm high, 59 wide and 47cm deep. Hope you like it. It does look good and it’s a great size, please ask if you would like more information, maybe I could revive and enhance your chest.

An Oak Side Table. (Now Sold).

Here is a lovely antique Oak Side Table with Drawer. Recently I have enhanced the polish with some wax and lots of buffing, to really show of what it was like a few years ago. The drawer has a replacement handle, the original was a single drop, but there was a replacement some time ago, which I have lightly cleaned and made the handle swing a little nicer as it was stuck! Having also made the drawer work a little easier, by using the old candle wax on the bottom of the drawer, and runners, here’s a table ready to enjoy and use, and I think I just may well do that, there’s a little spot where I think it will be well used and admired.

An Oxfordshire Geochron (Now Sold).

Here is an interesting item, a 1969 (This is a Vintage or Collectable item, not an Antique). These are interesting clocks which tell the time across the world, and show sunrise and sunset, and even the “Date Line”. This particular one was issued to a Witney Company to commemorate it’s 300 years of business, and has an engraved plaque, also one with the name of Asprey of London. If this is the first of these you have seen, they are quite interesting as the map moves across the screen slowly, and the time is told by reading the numbers at the top of the screen for the hours, and the small dial for the minutes, all this is dictated by which place on the map one chooses, it’s quite addictive! They are lit from inside the box, and this enhances the area of daylight on the map too, so some of the world shows to be in darkness, as it is at the time. Once correctly set it’s easy to see where in the world is dark, light, having lunch, waking up or going to sleep. More information about these clocks can be found at here is a photo, please ask for further information about this clock, as whilst it is not in perfect condition, it is good, and quite a little piece of history, but it is, for sale, I am looking for a price, but please make an offer or ask for a viewing, and with the Asprey plaque it really is quite a rare find!

Vintage Garden Bench. (Now Sold).

Here is a vintage garden bench, for two, measuring 120cm, or 4′ long. The replaced oak slats have been oiled and the metal cleaned a little, still to retain a vintage appearance. Overall quite an appealing and comfortable garden feature. Here’s the pictures of it, let me know if you are interested, as I have some others I am tidying too. Maybe I could restore yours too? Having replaced the wood, and tidied the metal, and used a few new bolts and screws, I think the price is fair at around £160, (this one has been sold, but I have a white one waiting for new timber to be bolted in place when I get time, as well as a couple of others of a different style, please ask). Now it’s been outdoors a little it’s starting to weather the new timber down a little, but the Oak has been oiled for a little extra protection against the elements, and can easily be re-oiled to help more later on too!

Vintage Pine Dresser. (Now Rehomed).

Here I have a vintage Pine Dresser, with upper glazed display cabinet. The dresser base having two drawers over too doors, and a single lower shelf, whilst the upper cabinet features three shelves and two glazed doors, the two sections split for ease of removal and transportation. The height is 219cm, width 108cm, and the depth 45cm. This piece of furniture could be enjoyed as it is once filled with goodies to use and display, or it could be further waxed and buffed to a higher sheen, or even painted, and as ever I am happy to discuss offers, with or without delivery! Thanks! This has now found a home, had a huge cleaning and waxing and an inch removed from the bottom plinth to make it fit in a cottage!

C18th Painted Longcase Clock. John Miles of Stroud, Gloucestershire, now sold and another similar clock being worked on for sale, please ask for info.

Here is an Eighteenth Century Longcase Clock for sale, the case made from wood, then painted, then varnished. The 30 hour movement has a repeat mechanism, so one can hear the number of strikes to the bell for the last strike, more useful in the old days than now really, but it does make the movement a little more interesting. The case has been revived and enhanced, waxed and buffed to sheen and the movement checked over and oiled. The photo’s include one of the inside door showing the original lock, and another showing one of the original door hinges. The main trunk door however has warped slightly, and this means the lock doesn’t work, so a previous owner had a turnbuckle fitted above the door to keep it closed, I have retained this as part of the items history. The backboard is a rather wonderful single plank of Elm! The timekeeping is quite good, about two or three minutes a day, but could be improved by a little altering of the pendulum bob adjustment nut. Here are a few photo’s so please ask if you wish to find out a little more about this item, and as ever, the price is negotiable, please make an offer! I am hoping to be able to exhibit this at our first fair of the year in Bibury, which could be June! I hope so! Best Wishes folks!

Cast Iron Garden or Conservatory Table (Sold, but other tables, benches and chairs being restored, or maybe I could do yours?).

Here is a Victorian or Edwardian Cast Iron Garden Table, with slatted Oak top. Whilst most of these photo’s show the item before the top was oiled, one shows it as it is now, a more golden colour, and slightly changing with more oiling as I deem necessary. The metal has been stripped and painted, it was originally black, and the whole top slats are new replacements, and are from Oak. The length is 122cm , height is 71cm and width is 60.0 cm. I could also restore your garden bench or table in a similar manor if you should wish, please ask for info! Here are a few photo’s of mine, but as this has now gone to it’s new home, maybe I could restore one you already have, and replace the top perhaps?

Painted Estate Desk Now sold. Here is a Painted Pine Estate Desk, featuring pigeonholes with arched frieze above them, and they are above three areas for documents or perhaps there were drawers originally, if so, long gone! Here are the photos, Moving along, here are the photo’s and if anyone needs the sizes, well, 25cm tall at the back, 57cm deep, and across the front, 77cm approximately. If anyone is interested, the fishing reel in leather case, book on furniture, and candlestand are for sale too!


Early Georgian Walnut Chair, now sold. 


Here is a fine walnut chair, just taken the photo in the dappled light, and it makes the Walnut so fabulous a colour. I do have a second one of these, but it really does need significant repair, it’s been on my to do list for ages, but this one is ready to go! Still an attractive but delicate chair, I use it every day, as it’s in my study, but I do respect it, it’s older than most of my chairs, but the Windsors are the most comfy in my opinion! Offers if you are interested, I have too many chairs, so you start the bidding around????? Sorry now sold!

Hope you like it!

Mahogany Banjo Barometer. (Whilst this is now sold, others are available too, ask for photo’s but I’m not posting them as one lady said I should!). 

According to one antiques magazine I have just read, I am underselling this as it should be at least £500! But! It’s here for less than half of that! Yes, how’s that for high pressure selling! Oh yes, and I have more barometers too, please ask as they undergoing work. I even have one with the name tag “Mafia!”                                                                                   (P. Maffia came to Wales in 1841, and was known as “Maffia of Monmouth”).                     

I have recently sold one as a project to a client, so if you want one to repair yourself, please ask, I may have one!


Oak Arched Door Cabinet with Drawer.


Sadly now sold and delivered to a new home in early January 2022!                                                    Here I have an oak cabinet with drawer above two doors forming an arch. The interior having a single shelf, with unusual cut outs on one side, perhaps for bootjacks or wine bottles? There are lovely old keys for the door and drawer locks. I have a ticket price of “wow, that was good!” on this, and it is quite unusual and very useful! (Offers considered, I’m quite friendly really!). This was sold through Vinterior see for a few of my other items ready for sale, and more will be added soon!

The measurements are (approximately!).

Height: 895mm (35 1/2″) Width: 657mm (25 13/16″) Depth: 360mm (14 1/4″). Offers invited! Came from a BADA dealer I was working for during the mid 1990’s.

Mahogany Bureau. (Now Sold!).

A real weighty piece, and researching through some old books the other day I saw a bureau bookcase with a similar lower section to this and was described as being “In the style of William Kent”. If only someone else saw that in this! This is still for sale, ask for a price, it could be close to what you offer, I’d like more, but would love it to go to a good home, please ask for the price, or make an offer. This is now sold, sorry!

height 1035mm, width 1055mm, and depth 530mm.


Mahogany Longcase Clock. Offers please. This will be coming with me to a fair very soon!

Made in Dublin, around 1863, the makers had premises there. Haiz & Isele.

Wooden movement in the Black Forest style, in a local (Dublin), case. I have recently waxed and buffed the case (it has great colour and timber), and very soon the movement will be put back into the case once regulated and keeping reasonable time.


Georgian Mahogany Chest of Drawers. (Re-homed!)


Now ready is this fine Georgian Mahogany Chest of Drawers, having four full width drawers of  graduated depths. The panel back and underneath are real treats to see from a cabinetmakers point of view as it shows a sign of good quality. Remedial waxing has been done on one end, and the original locks refitted, as I did remove them as I aim to refit them with an attractive working key if possible, but it does appear they haven’t been working for some time.

Hope you like it, the measurements are 1000mm wide, 483mm deep, and 737mm high. This has now gone to a home where it is being enjoyed every day, and I have the maintenance contract on it, so I can wax and buff it twice a year if I’m reminded!