Furniture For Sale

Shown here is a Windsor Chair, came from a fabulous manor house kitchen near Luton, formerly owned by friends before they moved. As you can see the makers mark, always an interest and can be researched in Bill Cotton’s book on chairs, you know the one! Anyway, I seem to have too many chairs, so shout and this could be yours! I’ll have it in Bibury on Sunday 1st September. It’s a good colour and shine to it, I think it’s worth £60, what do you think?

Here’s a Victorian Walnut Pier or display cabinet. Generally in good order, but only just come into my possession. Shown here not even vacuumed inside. This will be at Bibury this Sunday, September 1st, pop in and see or call me for info and make an offer. This is roughly 30″ wide and 12 1/2″ deep. Nice affordable item, and I could deliver for a small charge and a pot of tea!

Here is a list of current stock ready, or almost ready, for sale.

Other items are in stock but require work, but if interested, will be sold unrestored! These include, Windsor Chairs, Bureaux, Bookcases, Barometers, Longcase Clocks and more! As many people realise over the years the general price of furniture has crashed, and as such most items are not commanding the prices they were. Obviously there are exceptions, however this is why I haven’t always listed prices here as I am hoping someone will make an offer I can accept! Please do, as my furniture isn’t expensive, but I believe it’s fabulous value as I’d rather sell items than store them. Here are a few I have photographed.

Early Georgian Walnut Chair. 


Here is a fine walnut chair, just taken the photo in the dappled light, and it makes the Walnut so fabulous a colour. I do have a second one of these, but it really does need significant repair, it’s been on my to do list for ages, but this one is ready to go! Still an attractive but delicate chair, I use it every day, as it’s in my study, but I do respect it, it’s older than most of my chairs, but the Windsors are the most comfy in my opinion! Offers if you are interested, I have too many chairs, so you start the bidding around?????

Hope you like it!

Mahogany Banjo Barometer. £160

According to one antiques magazine I have just read, I am underselling this as it should be at least £500! But! It’s here for less than half of that! Yes £160 will bag this, how’s that for high pressure selling! Oh yes, and I have more barometers too, please ask as they undergoing work. I even have one with the name tag “Mafia!” 


Oak Arched Door Cabinet with Drawer. £450


Here I have an oak cabinet with drawer above two doors forming an arch. The interior having a single shelf, with unusual cut outs on one side, perhaps for bootjacks or wine bottles? There are lovely old keys for the door and drawer locks.

The measurements are (approximately!).

Height: 895mm (35 1/2″) Width: 657mm (25 13/16″) Depth: 360mm (14 1/4″). Offers invited! Came from a BADA dealer I was working for during the mid 1990’s.

Mahogany Bureau. 

A real weighty piece, and researching through some old books the other day I saw a bureau bookcase with a similar lower section to this and was described as being “In the style of William Kent”. If only someone else saw that in this! This is still for sale, ask for a price, it could be close to what you offer, I’d like more, but would love it to go to a good home, please ask for the price, or make an offer.


height 1035mm, width 1055mm, and depth 530mm.




Elm Corner Cabinet, currently undergoing remedial restoration.

On display soon will be this Elm and Oak Corner Cabinet.

The item undergoing a little restoration, basically tidying up, and replacing the modern plywood bottom, with old timber from an Elm Coffer, of about the same period.

Here it is as I got it, and now there has been some work on it. I may show those improved photo’s over the weekend. Please ask should you wish to see this item, as it is rather nice, and although had a replacement base, is mostly original. The interior paint shows that it was a piece used for display with the doors open as well as closed.

Regards, Andy.



Mahogany Longcase Clock. Offers please. This will be coming with me to a fair very soon!

Made in Dublin, around 1863, the makers had premises there. Haiz & Isele.

Wooden movement in the Black Forest style, in a local (Dublin), case. I have recently waxed and buffed the case (it has great colour and timber), and very soon the movement will be put back into the case once regulated and keeping reasonable time.



Georgian Mahogany Pedestal Table. £200

Here is a Georgian pedestal table, of good colour and finish. The height is around 695mm, and the diameter is approximately 700mm. Please call for more photo’s or information.



Georgian Mahogany Chest of Drawers. (Re-homed!)


Now ready is this fine Georgian Mahogany Chest of Drawers, having four full width drawers of  graduated depths. The panel back and underneath are real treats to see from a cabinetmakers point of view as it shows a sign of good quality. Remedial waxing has been done on one end, and the original locks refitted, as I did remove them as I aim to refit them with an attractive working key if possible, but it does appear they haven’t been working for some time.

Hope you like it, the measurements are 1000mm wide, 483mm deep, and 737mm high. This has now gone to a home where it is being enjoyed every day, and I have the maintenance contract on it, so I can wax and buff it twice a year if I’m reminded!



Oak Longcase Clock.

I am pleased top say that colleagues in Banbury are happy to have this clock in their shop. Viewings are in normal shop hours and its very near to the Market Square. Here is their website…………

Pop in and see Charlotte or Sof and I’m sure they will help you. Whilst I was in today several clients bought items and lots of the wall was painted, making the shop look more interesting.banbury shop clock

Here is a square brass dial clock, signed “Geo Jackson, Gainsboro”. 

Good colour and patina, some remedial replacements needed on the hood where the mouldings have been over dusted, and broken the wooden teeth! The lower later additional moulding been on a while, but would benefit from some improving, seems over engineered to me!

Cutting a key for the trunk door this week, and here is the dial, just before I add it to the clock case for regulating. Not the best of photo’s, but it has a nice feel to it I think.


This is the clock, just waiting  for a few remedial improvements to the case. A few small areas on the case and hood need attention, but I do feel it’s a reasonable price, however I’m happy to discuss things! Its got a good solid tock and a great bell sound too. 


Georgian Mahogany Pie Crust Table.

Currently undergoing restoration, and in no rush until the price of furniture picks up! Here is a fabulous table, being of delicious colour, the base, photographs taken early June, this is something which I am enjoying doing and can be viewed at any time, I am hoping to have it finished for Christmas 2020,  as there are more important things to do at the moment. The finish being built up is just layers of wax, this item was very dark when I got it, and no grain could be seen on most of the base, but I will not be using any shellac on the base whatsoever, and the wood is starting to show its fabulous colour. When I start the top, I shall photograph that too!




Gilt Mirror, Triple Framed.

Here is a triple framed gilt mirror, 53″ by 28″ and it will be going to Bibury on May 7th, interested, pop by and make an offer, I would like to get £250 for it, and yes, I have re-glued the missing moulding back on it, just noticed it in the picture!


Pair of Rush Seated Chairs.

As the title says, they are a pair of chairs, and have rushed seats. Great little handy extra chairs, or pop them in the hallway for hanging jackets on! Amazing Price, well under £100 for the pair!

Rush seated chairs in use!