May we see you soon?

We have had our last fair of the year in Bibury, it was on November 1st 2020. We are due to return in the Spring of 2021!

Our new floorplan and one way system, seems to be settling in well, and our first fair in September was enjoyed by many, our second in October suffered a bit with the recent rain, but good results were seen on some stalls. Our last one of the year was a good send off, although a little slow, it was a steady day, and I think it should make visitors want to return for our “2021 Spring Opening”.

Thank you to all who sign our visitors book, always amazing to see how far people travel, however our 2020 fairs had a “Track & Trace” form for visitors to fill in, a QR code, a one way system, and a few other alterations, which allowed us to continue trading. We hope to be back in April 2021!

See us at



Contact Details:

07977 936 882



3 Responses to May we see you soon?

  1. Jim Band says:

    Will look in next time I’m in England!

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