Longcase Clocks for sale.

My first job after leaving cabinetmaking college (late ’80’s) was in a clockshop where I was mostly repairing longcase clocks, although other furniture was restored. I even designed made, and polished a case for a dentist who made his own regulator clock movement! So clocks were clearly always of interest, but I hadn’t got round to owning many then, however……… I’m having a clear out of some of them now. Either I can restore them, or they can be sold as they are. Please keep your eye open as I’ll pop them on here first, just ask and make an offer depending what work is required, if any. Here’s one I started some time ago, but since I have moved it’s too big for this place. Made from (mostly) solid Walnut it’s quite a smart clock. From memory, the dial is 12″, I will check soon. Thanks for looking.

Here’s a mid Georgian Walnut Longcase. the dial as I recall is 12″, I’ll confirm that soon. Shown here missing it’s feet, and as I got it, then as I started to tidy it up, removing the mouldy surface and what was left of the polish using an old fashioned reviving fluid, one of the ingredients being linseed oil. This really helped to bring out the colour, and although I favor old sunbleached walnut, sometimes the surface has gone beyond redemption in places. The sound fret was a later repair but needs to be redone as it’s not a good example! So, if you are interested in this, or seeing more of my clocks, please let me know, and thanks for reading this. Regards, Andy.

Walnut Longcase undergoing tidying. This can be bought as it is, or I could restore it for you.