About Time!

Hello all!

Some people have told me that “Its about time” Bibury Antiques Fair started, and we are back on April 7th, not long now!

Here’s a watch which may be there, a slightly different Swiss 17 Jewel watch, looks fun to me! It may still be getting a replacement glass and a little tidy up by a vintage watch repairer.

Pop along to The Village Hall in Bibury on Sunday 7th April, and see what you can find!

Regards, Andy.

bibury Watch Pic



Morning Folks!

Well, our second event this year in Bibury, and I think it went well, we will be back on May 7th.

Despite the many distractions that were around on the day, other events near and far, we put on a great show and had many very welcome complimentary comments.

Here is a picture of  The Flying Scotsman, I featured this as last week saw this train steaming along the Carlisle Settle line after recently being reopened after over a year of repairs to the line.

Have a good month and hope to see you soon!

Regards, Andy.


Mooove over, we want to see!

Hello Folks!

Whilst driving towards Bibury early this evening, I came across a field of lovely cattle, and several calves. Stopping to watch them, they came over to see what I was doing just over the wall from their field. 

Hope you like and if driving into Bibury from Burford, keep an eye out on the left hand side, and they may well greet you too!

Have a good week, and should you be passing close to Bibury on Sunday April 2nd, pop into The Village Hall to see what we have on offer for sale, we may only be in a small hall, but it’s a lovely place and we have some great stock!

Here is someone that can’t join in at The Hall!

Regards, Andy.


A “Little Saw”after the fair!

Hello all!

Thanks to all the dealers, visitors and customers that made our first fair of the year in Bibury a very pleasant event. Reports of dealers selling, and bags being seen leaving, were obvious. We seemed to be steady for most of the day, not a heaving busy fair, but the majority of visitors left with a momento of the day!

This was what I came home with, and I’m really looking forward to using it, a small saw with a home made guard, after a clean up, I think this will do many small jobs repairing and making drawers and the like.

Why not pop along next month, April 2nd, and see what you can go home with?

Oh yes, and I can recommend the pizza at The Catherine Wheel!

Regards, Andy.


In like a Lion………

The weather seems to be much more friendly today, after ripping a few impressive trees from their roots over the last week or so, so the saying about March coming in like a lion sprang to mind. Although March 1st today, and quieter, we will wait to see what the weather brings us for this coming Sunday, March 5th, when we have our first Bibury Antiques Fair. Open from 10am to 4pm, lunches can be enjoyed at The Swan Hotel, The Catherine Wheel, and The William Morris. Have a great day!

Here is a barometer which will be for sale, and as one can see by the reading, this is quite a low pressure sales pitch!

Pop along and see us in Bibury Village Hall, we have a great selection of dealers selling fabulous stock, most of it a sensible size to take home on the day!

Happy Hunting!

All the best, Andy


Eve’s Return!

Eve returns to us on March 5th, and she is one of the original founders of Bibury Antiques Fair. Eve sells a mixture of silver, jewellery, ceramics, glass etc, and it’s a brave person who doesn’t stop to look at her stall to see what’s there, as I have always picked something up and learnt from her. Last time I saw her Eve had some Icelandic sewing needles for sewing through tough materials, where else can one get those?

Pop along to see what Eve, and others bring to Bibury in less than a week!

Regards, Andy.