There’s life in the old prop yet!

Aha! Well what can I say? Our fair at Bibury may well have finished for the winter, but things still happen! 

This weekend  the 23rd and 24th of November, there is a weekend antiques fair run by colleagues near Banbury. 

Antiques at The Holt, is a weekend fair, held twice a year. 

Follow the link and see if you can join us, free entry for anyone buying all my stock!

In the meantime, here’s a prop which will be for sale there!

Regards Andy 


Lion or Fo?

Hello again.

Our next event will be this Sunday, September 2nd, and we will be on show from 10am, pop in and see us. One new standholder tomus will be bringing a selection of Staffordshire Pottery, also, as often is the case, we have a selection of items for sale, including jewellery,  glass, ceramics, smaller furniture,and items made from brass, including these “Lion Dogs” or “Dogs of Fo”.

Maybe see you there, refreshments are served too.

Regards, Andy.

Brass Lion Dogs

Calling All!

Hello, and as the harvest season and the warm weather seems to conitinue, some people in the country will remember seeing Corncrake becoming exposed as their shelter becomes our food when the fields are harvested. Years ago, it was a long slow gentle affair with scythes and gangs of men, and sometimes women working their way across a field, but with large harvesters, well not so quiet!

This here is a Corncrake Call, and some people will recognise it as it’s a small rattle, can be held and worked in one hand too! Sadly I can’t say it works for Corncrakes as I can’t remember last time I saw one, must have been over 15 years ago, but it does attract Magpie and Jackdaw, as they are close to me and so nosey!

The whole item measuring under 4″.

Have a good weekend, so much on around here, but if a small countryside village is your thing, then pop along to Bibury Antiques Fair this Sunday!

Regards, Andy.

Corncrake Call 2

Opening Soon!

Hello again!

It won’t be long before Bibury Antiques Fair returns to being open on the first Sunday of the month, from March 4th, to, and including  November 4th.

Whilst the fair has been closed, I have been busy doing restoration on furniture, and one of the items which will be ready for show in March is this, a Georgian mahogany card table, shown here after a light improvement with some more work needed, a few small areas of veneers etc. This will look great in many houses, even if it never sees a life of card playing.

Should you be interested in this, don’t hesitate to ask me for details, delivery can be arranged too!

See you soon?

Regards, Andy.


Happy Wassail Weekend!

Greetings and Happy Wassail!

For many cider drinkers and orchard owners Wassail is an important date in  the calendar and I know that at many orchards this weekend there will be gatherings and celebrations.

Here is my glass of fine cider, Old Stag Cider, from a Gloucestershire company I came across recently, and very tasty it is too!

The glass is a commemorative one marking 100 years of Bulmers Cider, (which was in 1987) and the engraving is very good!

Have a good weekend, and enjoy the photo,  I have to go and drink this now!

Regards, Andy.


I’m off to “Antiques at The Holt!” this weekend.


Occasionally over the years, despite running many fairs, I still occasionally have time to be a stallholder at others. This weekend I can be seen with some furniture,tables, chairs, longcase clock, rugs, firescreens, drinking glasses and a fewer small items too.

Pop along if you have time, we are open all weekend, easy to find at the crossroads  at The Holt Hotel, Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire, OX25 5QQ Maybe see you there? These are coming too!

Regards, Andy.