Just Play Your Cards Right!

Here I have a splendid card table, Georgian, around 1740.

Great colour and I have just waxed these fabulous legs!

Shown here closed, and the castors visible. This will be on show at Bibury Antiques Fair on May 6th. Play your cards right and delivery could be included in the price, depends where one lives I must say, but ask and hope!

Have a good weekend wherever you are!

Regards, Andy.


Opening Soon!

Hello again!

It won’t be long before Bibury Antiques Fair returns to being open on the first Sunday of the month, from March 4th, to, and includingĀ  November 4th.

Whilst the fair has been closed, I have been busy doing restoration on furniture, and one of the items which will be ready for show in March is this, a Georgian mahogany card table, shown here after a light improvement with some more work needed, a few small areas of veneers etc. This will look great in many houses, even if it never sees a life of card playing.

Should you be interested in this, don’t hesitate to ask me for details, delivery can be arranged too!

See you soon?

Regards, Andy.