Happy Wassail Weekend!

Greetings and Happy Wassail!

For many cider drinkers and orchard owners Wassail is an important date in  the calendar and I know that at many orchards this weekend there will be gatherings and celebrations.

Here is my glass of fine cider, Old Stag Cider, from a Gloucestershire company I came across recently, and very tasty it is too!

The glass is a commemorative one marking 100 years of Bulmers Cider, (which was in 1987) and the engraving is very good!

Have a good weekend, and enjoy the photo,  I have to go and drink this now!

Regards, Andy.


Return the Marbles to Bibury!

Well, not a secret hoard of ancient ruins, but with some summer weather, maybe playing marbles in the sun could be a pleasant pastime! These were spotted at the last event, so they may still be available.

Pop along on Sunday to find out, could be the addition of a world championship event in the offing, no, not for me to organise, but I’d probably come and watch.

Have a good evening.

Regards, Andy



Indiana? No! But what was his dad called?

Hello Folks!

Well, what am I on about you may well ask!

This storage label was found a few months ago on the back of something, and I can’t remember what it was, maybe I’ll find it again, or maybe it has gone back to the client!

It made me laugh as it made me think of the films of Indiana Jones, but I can’t recall what his dad was called!

See you soon with more news!

Have a good week, Andy.

Dr Jones Storage Label


May you join us?

Hello again!

Time rolls on as ever and our next event in Bibury Village Hall will be on May 7th, open from 10am to 4pm.

We shall have a great display for you, and we have a couple of new dealers to us, to fill the gap made by others family commitments, so a surprise for all of us.

I have been busy doing a few restoration projects and some of my work will be on show, meanwhile this is a selection from John’s stand, he always has some interesting things, treen, ceramics, glass and metalware being amongst them.

Regards to all, Andy.



Waiting for the call?

Hello folks.


Well, I know that one Swallow doesn’t make a summer, but they are here! Pretty well around their usual time, and as ever, I get to see one and then a few, then they just go quiet for a few days or so, then more join the advance party.

So, I next start waiting, stretching my ears to hear a call, yes Cuckoo!

Here is a treen Cuckoo call I was given from a stallholder years ago, I have cleaned it and waxed it, mostly it sits in a bookcase, but I do use it, and yes it almost always gets a reply!

Don’t tend to use it much as I was told that by using them, it gets a reply as another male is defending territory, and if I persist, will go away, and despite their parasitic breeding habits, I do like to hear them.

Here it is, hope you like it.