Waiting for the call?

Hello folks.


Well, I know that one Swallow doesn’t make a summer, but they are here! Pretty well around their usual time, and as ever, I get to see one and then a few, then they just go quiet for a few days or so, then more join the advance party.

So, I next start waiting, stretching my ears to hear a call, yes Cuckoo!

Here is a treen Cuckoo call I was given from a stallholder years ago, I have cleaned it and waxed it, mostly it sits in a bookcase, but I do use it, and yes it almost always gets a reply!

Don’t tend to use it much as I was told that by using them, it gets a reply as another male is defending territory, and if I persist, will go away, and despite their parasitic breeding habits, I do like to hear them.

Here it is, hope you like it.




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