Calling All!

Hello, and as the harvest season and the warm weather seems to conitinue, some people in the country will remember seeing Corncrake becoming exposed as their shelter becomes our food when the fields are harvested. Years ago, it was a long slow gentle affair with scythes and gangs of men, and sometimes women working their way across a field, but with large harvesters, well not so quiet!

This here is a Corncrake Call, and some people will recognise it as it’s a small rattle, can be held and worked in one hand too! Sadly I can’t say it works for Corncrakes as I can’t remember last time I saw one, must have been over 15 years ago, but it does attract Magpie and Jackdaw, as they are close to me and so nosey!

The whole item measuring under 4″.

Have a good weekend, so much on around here, but if a small countryside village is your thing, then pop along to Bibury Antiques Fair this Sunday!

Regards, Andy.

Corncrake Call 2

Heard this before?

Hello again everyone!

Summer, and what incredible weather!

As it’s summer, and one Swallow doesn’t make a summer, sadly there are fewer of them every year where I live.

Something else which I haven’t heard for a log time is a Corncrake.

Here is a wooden “Corncrake Call”. Most likely Victorian, but may be earlier, could well be made from Birch or Aspen, or similar woods. Measuring around 3 1/2″ long, easily held in a single hand and used. I have had this a few years now and all I have managed to call to are Magpies and Jays!

Do you think I’m right, or is it a Magpie Call? Pinto mentions them in his books, but that still doesn’t help me see a real Corncrake! Maybe this year?

We will be on show at Bibury Antiques Fair on July 2nd. See you there?

Regards, Andy.

Corncrake Call 2