Heard this before?

Hello again everyone!

Summer, and what incredible weather!

As it’s summer, and one Swallow doesn’t make a summer, sadly there are fewer of them every year where I live.

Something else which I haven’t heard for a log time is a Corncrake.

Here is a wooden “Corncrake Call”. Most likely Victorian, but may be earlier, could well be made from Birch or Aspen, or similar woods. Measuring around 3 1/2″ long, easily held in a single hand and used. I have had this a few years now and all I have managed to call to are Magpies and Jays!

Do you think I’m right, or is it a Magpie Call? Pinto mentions them in his books, but that still doesn’t help me see a real Corncrake! Maybe this year?

We will be on show at Bibury Antiques Fair on July 2nd. See you there?

Regards, Andy.

Corncrake Call 2

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