Sitting Comfortably?

Hello again!

Are you sitting comfortably? Well, here is a small chaise which may be on show at the next Bibury Antiques Fair on May 7th.

If you have time, and like The Cotswolds, then Bibury is one of the many places to visit, and can be quite a gem.

Pop into see us from 10am to 4pm at The Village Hall and find a gem to take home, or buy the little chaise to store a few gems in!

Bye for now, Andy.




Waiting for the call?

Hello folks.


Well, I know that one Swallow doesn’t make a summer, but they are here! Pretty well around their usual time, and as ever, I get to see one and then a few, then they just go quiet for a few days or so, then more join the advance party.

So, I next start waiting, stretching my ears to hear a call, yes Cuckoo!

Here is a treen Cuckoo call I was given from a stallholder years ago, I have cleaned it and waxed it, mostly it sits in a bookcase, but I do use it, and yes it almost always gets a reply!

Don’t tend to use it much as I was told that by using them, it gets a reply as another male is defending territory, and if I persist, will go away, and despite their parasitic breeding habits, I do like to hear them.

Here it is, hope you like it.




Cornucopia Corner!

Wow! There’s a word I don’t use much!

But I took this photograph of a corner stand at Bibury (was the December fair!) and thought that it should be shared as I think it looks good!

Why not pop along this Sunday to see what we have on offer, as there should be 2 new dealers with us!

I’ll be there, as ever, with a few of my bits and bobs too, including an oak longcase clock if I can fit it in the car!

Whatever you do, have a good weekend, and don’t forget “The Boat Race!”

Regards, Andy.


A “Little Saw”after the fair!

Hello all!

Thanks to all the dealers, visitors and customers that made our first fair of the year in Bibury a very pleasant event. Reports of dealers selling, and bags being seen leaving, were obvious. We seemed to be steady for most of the day, not a heaving busy fair, but the majority of visitors left with a momento of the day!

This was what I came home with, and I’m really looking forward to using it, a small saw with a home made guard, after a clean up, I think this will do many small jobs repairing and making drawers and the like.

Why not pop along next month, April 2nd, and see what you can go home with?

Oh yes, and I can recommend the pizza at The Catherine Wheel!

Regards, Andy.


Thank Someone its Friday!

Well, it’s Friday!

Sunday sees us set up the Bibury Antiques Fair, and I hope the weather is better, otherwise I’ll bring a mop for the floor!

We hope to be a fabulous display that can’t be resisted by visitors, and will always help carry items to cars once bought! Bring a brolly!

Pop in and say hi, hope that you have a good start to the weekend. Here is a photo of one of the stalls last December.

Regards, Andy.


In like a Lion………

The weather seems to be much more friendly today, after ripping a few impressive trees from their roots over the last week or so, so the saying about March coming in like a lion sprang to mind. Although March 1st today, and quieter, we will wait to see what the weather brings us for this coming Sunday, March 5th, when we have our first Bibury Antiques Fair. Open from 10am to 4pm, lunches can be enjoyed at The Swan Hotel, The Catherine Wheel, and The William Morris. Have a great day!

Here is a barometer which will be for sale, and as one can see by the reading, this is quite a low pressure sales pitch!

Pop along and see us in Bibury Village Hall, we have a great selection of dealers selling fabulous stock, most of it a sensible size to take home on the day!

Happy Hunting!

All the best, Andy


Ice or Ice Cream?

Wow! This morning was colder than I thought it would be! Ice on the car!

For those brave enough to venture out on Sunday 5th March early, well from 10am, we will be on show at Bibury Village Hall.

If Matt has the time, he may be seen on this trike, and if the weather is good, I’ll send him down the road to get us all some ice creams!

Pop along to see if this really happens, or just some more hype!

Along with Matt, there will be 3 people called John, Julie,  Mandy, Lorna, Eve, Sheila, Jacqueline, Ken, Eveline and myself all there offering our stock for your perusal and potential purchase!

Have a good day, the sun is coming out now!

Regards, Andy.