One week to go!

Morning All!

Just a quick catch up here, as we are in the week running up to us being on show again in Bibury Village Hall. We open at 10am as many of you know.

There are a couple of new stallholders this month, and one of them will be selling some of the chattels from their mothers estate. 

The Lady that used to be “Listen With Mother” and who wrote several books died in 2016, and one of her daughters will be with us.

Here is  a link to the obituary, .

Also here is a photo of one of last months items, created by Desmond Raynor.

Regards, Andy.


Heard this before?

Hello again everyone!

Summer, and what incredible weather!

As it’s summer, and one Swallow doesn’t make a summer, sadly there are fewer of them every year where I live.

Something else which I haven’t heard for a log time is a Corncrake.

Here is a wooden “Corncrake Call”. Most likely Victorian, but may be earlier, could well be made from Birch or Aspen, or similar woods. Measuring around 3 1/2″ long, easily held in a single hand and used. I have had this a few years now and all I have managed to call to are Magpies and Jays!

Do you think I’m right, or is it a Magpie Call? Pinto mentions them in his books, but that still doesn’t help me see a real Corncrake! Maybe this year?

We will be on show at Bibury Antiques Fair on July 2nd. See you there?

Regards, Andy.

Corncrake Call 2