Flying High!

Well, today is a lovely day and yesterdays chaos of traffic and trees around here was interesting on some roads. despite seeing many trees down in fields and hedges, I only needed to get out and shift one with a lady infront of me, somewhere near Garsington, easily done so we could all get by, thanks whoever you were!

There were a few buzzards and pigeons looking rather startled, as if they regretted taking to the air!

Here is a picture, which I find fantastic, really a breath of fresh air, and I can almost hear the engine roar as it flies past, I’m sure one of those pigeons was nearly going as fast yesterday!

Recently I heard of someone celebrating their 80th birthday and being allowed to fly over Biggin Hill and Dover, and he even got his original spitfire log book signed from his earlier days! Do you like this Derek?

Here it is (slightly cropped image) for all of us to enjoy! Pop along to Bibury on March 5th, and it should be there!

Regards, Andy.


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