Flaming June!

Hello again, and we are all looking forward to returning to Bibury Village Hall this coming Sunday, June 4th 2023. With the weather being set to fair for some time, we are hoping to have a great day to bring visitors to see us, we do have some fabulous items for sale! As ever, opening at 10am. We are near The Church for those that don’t know the area, and there are signs around for people to follow, get near to “Arlington Row” or “The Church” and you aren’t far away. On show will be many of our regulars and a couple who have only been once before bringing a selection of their ceramics. Here are a few photo’s from our last event. Best wishes, Andy.

Once in a Blue Moon!

Hello! We are on display on Sunday 30th April at Bibury Village Hall. Our last event was our first of the year, and also in April, for the first time ever we have had a fair in the same venue on two different dates, not being over the same weekend! “Blue Moon”! So, if you have the time, we may see you at Bibury Village Hall between 10am and 4pm, on the 30th April 2023! We promise a good display of interesting antiques and collectable items, so pop the roof rack on, or bring a trailer, or a friend with a big cycle bag, and fill them with goodies to remember “A day in The Cotswolds”!

10 days to re-opening!

Hello all! It has been a while since we were on show in Bibury Village Hall, however, we return on Sunday April 2nd 2023! Opening at 10am and closing at 4pm. On show by our dealers will be jewellery, silver, glass, ceramics, pictures, clocks, and even some furniture. Until the day, I rarely know what will be there however we will be having a new dealer selling ceramics. I know there’s already people telling me they are looking forward to being back in Bibury, and I’m sure we will have a great display. See you soon? Regards, Andy.

Bonus December Bibury Antiques Fair!

Hello all! Here’s a little news I am very pleased to share with you all. We have a bonus, extra, additional Bibury Antiques Fair on 4th December 2022. Last year we had an extra fair as, like many businesses, we were struggling to open as often in the year as we wanted to,and it was great. So, this year we have also decided to do the same so from 10am until 3pm, we will be open for business. This will be our last fair this year in Bibury and we will (we hope), return on a wonderful sunny warm spring day in April 2023. Should you be nearby and still looking for an individual, unique, special, fun, appealing, fabulous, stunning gift for someone in your life, we may well have just the thing! Many of our items really are amazingly affordable, and quite often seriously much more cost effective than big trade websites. With us, it’s just a matter of seeing something, touching it and knowing it’s just what you need. Delivery of larger items can be sorted too, sometimes at a cost, but it can be done! Here are a few photo’s of recent events and stock from our dealers, but I never know what they will bring, so, just call in and see us! We do have a small entrance charge, just a pound Sterling each. Thanks, Andy.

New time zone and next fair

Hello again. Now we officially return to Greenwhich Mean Time, the autumn and winter will soon be upon us and the colours will and already are changing in the woodland and countryside. Should one be able to visit us in Bibury on November 6th, there will be a good selection of stalls and stock to browse, and also there could be a great walk or drive to see us if the weather is kind. As usual, we open at 10am and close at 4pm. Maybe see you there! Thanks, Andy.

September’s here again!

Wow! Autumn feels as though it really is here now as the dampness rises from the fields in the early evening as a wonderful magical mist. However, this is making the evenings cooler, so if you get a chance, call into Bibury Antiques Fair this coming Sunday, 4th September, we are open from 10am to 4pm. My breakfast this morning was Trout, with bread and butter, and Bibury has the oldest Trout Farm in England, and I can recommend it! So, there’s food to buy in Bibury, as well as antiques this Sunday, and if the weather is good, there’s the option of just sitting on a wall and watching the world go by whilst enjoying a coffee from the cafe Twig, or lunch at The Catherine Wheel, or checking out one of the many venues in the area for a future wedding or party! Lots to do near here, and some of the short walks do go through interesting villages nearby, some have pubs along the way too! Naturally, an item from our fair could be a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend, and could bring many happy memories of the day for years to come, so I hope you find something! We are coming to the end of a Bank Holiday weekend, but “Other weekends are available”! Regards, Andy.

August 7th Antiques Fair

Hello again. We return to our Bibury Village Hall for our August event this coming Sunday. We we be on show from 10am and close at 4pm. Pop in and see what we have for sale. It’s a lovely hall and has several photos of the village and surrounding on the walls to admire. Here’s a few photographs from last month. We have a new dealer this month too, so she may well bring some pictures, or even some small furniture.

July Fair Soon!

Hello all! Just a little reminder about our next Bibury Fair, as we will be on show on July 3rd, from 10am until 4pm. Here are a few photos of how we looked last time, and next week I’ll add a few photos of a new stallholder bringing Oriental items. Hope to see you soon. Thanks for reading this, Andy.