Hello Jack!

Aha! So, maybe it was thought that The Bibury Antiques Fair for May wasn’t to be, however, that’s not so. An initiative with a well know website selling antiques means some of our items for sale ca be looked at until May 27th! Here’s the link …………………. https://www.antiques.co.uk/seller-items.cfm?seller=4448 Want some interesting jewellery? Look carefully and there’s a name on either side of the fretted setting. Hope you like it, and if you know someone called Jack who wants a ring for himself and his lady, well, there’s a special one listed. See if you can find it. Thanks again, Andy.

About Bibury Antiques Fair & Andy Briggs trading as Echo Antiques

Organiser of Bibury Antiques Fair. www.biburyantiquesfair.com Furniture restorer, cabinetmaker, and hobby beekeeper. Can be seen at Bibury Antiques Fair, 1st Sunday monthly April to November 2020. Call 07977 936 882 or email biburyantiquesfair@gmail.com for details also on Twitter @AndyAntiques and @BiburyAntiques When not doing fairs I am usually restoring furniture for clients, enquiries can be made by emailing echoantiquesrestoration@gmail.com or calling my mobile, 07977 936 882. Some of my furniture which is for sale can be found on either the page marked "Furniture For Sale" or http://andybriggs.business.site/ Thanks, Andy
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