Not this weekend! Sorry!

As many will know, whilst our Bibury Antiques Fair is closed for the winter, we have attended a regular fair near Banbury, organised by colleagues, (, for the last few years, in November and March. Not this November though! However, here are a few photo’s of some stock I would have taken, so just shout and make an offer, if there’s anything here that catches your eye! We may be able to agree on a price, and as the saying goes, “If you don’t ask, you won’t find out!”. Please be polite though, it helps me look kinder on offers! Other than that, here’s some items, some finished for sale, others just waiting for a nudge and an offer so they can be finished, the Rosewood Bookcase is such an example, something I started thinking it was a lovely item, but I’m looking for someone who agrees with me, and likewise the Billiard Table, or Longcase Clock, Windsor Chair! Some of these may well be on my “Stock for sale page”. Have a look if time permits! Cheers folks!

About Bibury Antiques Fair & Andy Briggs trading as Echo Antiques

Organiser of Bibury Antiques Fair. Furniture restorer, cabinetmaker, and hobby beekeeper. Can be seen at Bibury Antiques Fair, 1st Sunday monthly April to November. Call 07977 936 882 or email for details also on Twitter @AndyAntiques and @BiburyAntiques When not doing fairs I am usually restoring furniture for clients, enquiries can be made by emailing or calling my mobile, 07977 936 882. Some of my furniture which is for sale can be found on either the page marked "Furniture For Sale" or Thanks, Andy
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