A secondary Reflection!

Hello again!

So, after a change of website addresses, just to catch up to say that he fair will return in March!

Yes! Sunday March 5th, we return to Bibury, and as our previous events, we will be open from 10am to around 4pm, weather and crowds permitting!

There has been a lot of interest in this fair so far it seems, we have had 3 fairs here so far and the news is spreading that we have great customers!

So, please come along and join us,  to make this another enjoyable event, and although a small place. well, someone said that ” Size isn’t everything!” and we do have some fabulous “bits and bobs” for sale! One will only know when one has been to see us and looked properly at the dealers stock.

It may be easy to miss a small village hall, as it’s just tucked away, close to the Church, just a few yards away from the main road through the village. If vintage, antique and collectable items are of interest to you, well pop in and say hi, it may be the years best buy! 

“Happy Hunting!”

Andy! Ps! Here is a mirror which will be for sale!



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